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Herd immunity is a fundamental concept that contributes to the success of many vaccination programs. Control of many vaccine preventable diseases is contingent on a significant proportion of the population in a community being immune. Depending on the disease, the percentage of individuals required to achieve herd immunity in a community ranges from 30% to […]

Vaccine Testing prior to approval

Vaccine development is a long and arduous process, often lasting many years and involving a combination of public and private partnerships. The current system for developing, testing, and regulating vaccines requires that the vaccines demonstrate both safety and efficacy before licensure and that long-term safety is monitored (; Fig 1). The first step in vaccine […]

Questioning whether to vaccinate or not? Please read below before you decide.

Immunizations have led to a significant decrease in rates of vaccine-preventable diseases and have made a significant impact on the health of children. However, some parents express concerns about vaccine safety and the necessity of vaccines. The concerns of parents must be taken into account. All parents want healthy children but, they differ in which […]

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