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Mobile clinics for tb skin test, domestic or travel vaccines

The Immunization Clinic

Titers or labwork for school or work? We offer discounted prices and quick turnaround.  Click here choose your test add cart and chexk out. We will order your test and email you the prepaid quest lab form. Click on it to select the closest location and times as well as  schedule àn appointment if you prefer. Results will be emailed to you.
More info on titers:
When it comes to school or work requirements, some institutions and workplaces require certain vaccinations or lab tests to ensure the safety and health of their students or employees. Titers and lab work are both used to check immunity to certain diseases or to determine the presence of certain substances in the body.
Titers involve drawing blood and measuring the level of antibodies in the blood to determine immunity to a certain disease. For example, a titer for measles would measure the level of measles antibodies in the blood to see if a person is protected against the disease. That will be a positive titer.
Other titers are checking for disease. For example, Hepatitis C you would want a negative titer which means you don’t have the disease.
Lab work can refer to other types of tests, such as drug tests, blood tests, or even DNA tests in some cases. These tests can be used to screen for certain conditions, diseases, or substances in the body.
Titers may be set up at the closest Quest Lab to you by putting your lab request in cart and checking out. You will then receive a pre-paid lab slip to schedule appointment or do walk in at Quest locations statewide. When results come back we will email them to you and call. 

Mobile Nurse Visit

Domestic or travel vaccines available

We will come to you for a few people or 1000s!

Our goal is to assist in making Texas a safe place without any vaccine preventable diseases, 1 person at a time.
Give our experienced immunization nurses an opportunity to help and serve you better. You are always our priority!

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Schedule Now

Vaccine Scheduling

Call or email back to schedule at one of our mobile sites in Pearland, Sugar Land or West Houston offered 2 days a week. Please allow for 1 business day response time. 

TB Skin Test / TB Mask FIt Test
TB Skin Test / TB Mask FIt Test

Records Request

Click here to submit a records request. The fee is $15 and you will not be charged if no records are located. Records will be sent via email within 2 business days.
Record Request
Record Request