The Immunization Clinic Guidance Related to COVID–19

Please call ahead for appointments as we have shortened our hours and the swiftly changing situation in our city.

Our facility has been completely sanitized and have no staff with known exposures. Currently, due to our small size we are still open but, have more limited hours. We will be exercising CDC recommended social distancing in our seating arrangements and have Kleenex and Hand sanitizer at each entry. If you are ill please follow the CDC guidelines and recommendations related to exposure/potential exposure.

Effective 3/14/2020 only the patient or minor patient and 1 parent allowed in the clinic for appointments. No other children or adults allowed in the clinic. We strongly encourage you to go to our website and prefill paperwork and bring to the visit to shorten visit length. If unable to print you can also email completed forms to

As per current illness policies for patients with fever and/or signs and symptoms of respiratory illness please reschedule. Do not come to our clinic until asymptomatic for at least 24 hours and follow CDC guidelines. Call your local MD, health department, hospital for directions for care and testing. Call 911 if you have a medical emergency.

ALL patients returning from travel abroad are recommended to be screened by their MD.
Patients potentially exposed to Covid-19
Please wait a minimum of 14 days and get cleared by your MD prior to scheduling an appointment.

We pray that God be with you and your family and sustain you as we help each other as neighbors through this crisis. I encourage you to use your patience, critical thinking skills and love for each other as we build a stronger world to fight not just Covid-19 but, intolerance and hate everywhere.