Please contact us for an appointment, please call 281-313-7468 or email

B. Click on pricing roster to right for cost information: Pricing roster July 30 2018

C. We do not charge an office visit fee.

D. If you need a Malaria prescription, a SEPARATE appointment must be made with our doctor or your doctor and may take several weeks so please plan ahead . When calling for an appointment for travel immunizations.

E. Charges are for each vaccine received by each patient at each visit

F. Payment is accepted in cash, VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, MASTERCARD or DISCOVER or Health Savings Acct card.

G. We do not accept any insurance but, we will provide a Medical Superbill at your visit upon request which you may submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Please call your insurance benefits number for more information.

H. There are some discounted programs available to children that qualify like the Vaccine For Children Program for those receiving Medicaid or CHIP (must bring current proof), or those that are uninsured. Please click on VFC form to see criteria that must be met to qualify as there have been recent legislative changes due to funding cutbacks:
VFC form 2012.pdf

I. If your child does not have health insurance or you cannot afford immunizations, the City of Houston Immunization Information – call 832.393.5427 and Fort Bend County Health Clinics provide free up to immunizations for children ages 18 years and under at two public health clinics.
Various Pharmaceutical Sponsored Programs for low income adult students may be available including: HPV, Twinrix (Hepatitis A and B combo), Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Tdap (tetanus), Varicella, MMR, Adult Pneumonia, and Zostavax for Shingles. These require an application process, proof of income and 48 hour notice to get approval. So, please call for more info and plan ahead.

J. Travel and Immigration Immunizations are not covered by the programs above for any age.

K. If you have your immunization records, please bring them with you.

L. Discounted Vaccine Application Information

1. GSK Patient Assistance Program for Twinrix Tdap Hep A or Hep B
2. Merck Patient Assistance Program for MMR Varicella HPV or Pneumonia


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