Maintain Excellent Health with a Visit to Your Travel Clinic Houston

April 2, 2013 @ 1:13 am
posted by Yvette Cheeks

[Posted on 2 Apr 2013 by Yvette Cheeks]

Maintaining your health and the health of your child should be your top priority when you are traveling abroad. While everyone is going to get sick on at least one vacation in their lives, there is one simple thing that every person can do to eliminate the possibility of getting sick with certain diseases. Every person should plan regular visits with a Travel Clinic. Houston families should also make sure that their children receive all of the necessary immunizations prior to traveling abroad.

Immunizations Can Save your Life and the Life of your Child

You and your child can now be protected from more diseases than ever before, thanks to some amazing breakthroughs in modern medical science. Many diseases that once ravaged the human race, killing thousands of people, have now been completely eradicated. There are others that are on the verge of being eliminated. This is all thanks to the invention of vaccines that have proven to be effective, and can be administered at a local Travel Clinic Houston. A century ago, polio was one of the most dreaded diseases in the United States, causing many people to be paralyzed or die. The polio vaccine has made polio a thing of the past.

Immunizations Protect the Ones you Love

Many children are still getting routinely infected by diseases that could have been prevented with immunizations. In recent years, there have been an increased number of reported cases of whooping cough and measles. Last year, there were 21,000 reported cases of whooping cough in the United States. A total of 26 deaths resulted from these cases. Most of these deaths were children less than six months old. Some people may not be able to be immunized because of a weakened immune systems or severe allergies. Also, certain immunizations should not be given to babies under a certain age. If you and your children can be immunized, it is critical that you get that done as soon as possible. There is really no good reason to delay. Getting immunized will not only protect you and your children, it will protect your friends, coworkers, and anyone else you come into contact with.

Immunization is Effective and Safe

Healthcare professionals, doctors, and scientists carefully study vaccines before the general public is allowed to receive them. The recipient may experience some tenderness, redness, or pain where the injection is made. However, this amount of pain is insignificant compared to the pain that you or your child would have to endure if you were to get sick from a disease that could be prevented by immunization. There is no need to fear immunizations. Put all of your concerns aside and get it done today.

Immunization Can Protect Future Generations

Diseases that disabled or killed large numbers of people several generations ago have been reduced and, in some cases, eradicated by the use of vaccines. Smallpox is an example of such a disease. The threat of smallpox no longer exists because so many people were immunized for it decades ago. Women who are immunized against German measles will not pass it on to their children when they become pregnant. There had previously been birth defects associated with German measles. Immunizations have eliminated those birth defects in the United States. By completely and effectively immunizing our population today, we can ensure that future generations have healthier lives. With any luck, the diseases of today will no longer be around to harm the children of tomorrow.

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