The Importance of Receiving your Flu Shot

February 26, 2013 @ 10:04 pm
posted by Yvette Cheeks

One experience with the flu is enough to make you never want to have it again. Unless you have first-hand knowledge of the misery that flu brings, you may consider getting a flu shot as an optional choice. Having the flu one time convinces you of the importance of getting a flu shot from Houston Vaccine for the next season without fail.

A flu shot protects you from getting sick, and it causes only slight side effects for a day or less. As a contagious respiratory illness, the flu is more serious than you may realize. Complications are common among the elderly and the very young, and the most severe cases can result in death. Getting a shot from Houston Vaccine prevents you from spreading the disease to others around you, even if you do not know that you are contagious.

Avoid Discomfort

The Centers for Disease Control lists some symptoms of the flu at, including chills and fever, sore throat and runny nose, muscle aches and headaches, extreme fatigue and vomiting. During the week that you suffer the effects of the flu, you do not feel well enough to do anything except rest and sleep. If you have nausea in addition to other symptoms, it is difficult to find any food that you can retain.

Consider the Welfare of Others

You can protect yourself when you get a flu shot, and you also demonstrate concern for the people around you. Getting a vaccination takes only a few minutes, and it is effective against new strains of the virus that evolve for each new flu season. Scientists develop new vaccines each year that protect you and others from multiple strains of the virus. The importance of getting a flu shot is underscored when you acknowledge that you are a potential carrier of the virus.

Give Your Immune System a Chance

When you get your shot, your body starts producing the antibodies that protect you from the flu. The antibody level in your body is high during the flu season, but it declines during the rest of the year. It is important to get a shot every year to give your immune system a chance to protect you.

Personal Responsibility

As a member of society, you have an obligation to do no harm to others. People around you may have chronic medical conditions that are not known to you, and they are especially susceptible to complications from the flu. You may think that you are too healthy to get the flu, but medical authorities consider that view as an erroneous one. A popular misconception may lead you to think that you can get the flu from a shot, but that idea is also incorrect. Many people choose to deny facts, but the truth is indisputable.

The damage that you can cause to someone who has asthma, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is serious. You probably observe traffic safety laws, and you avoid putting others at risk by behaving responsibly. When you consider how easy it is to avoid doing harm to someone else, you can understand the importance of getting your flu shot. When you take responsibility for getting a vaccination, you help those around you to avoid the risks associated with the flu.

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