10 Things Employees Want Including Immunizations in Houston

May 12, 2015 @ 3:35 pm
posted by Yvette Cheeks

[Posted on May 12th, 2015 by Yvette Cheeks]


Every business needs to have well-qualified employees working to ensure the company’s products and services are always carried out. Finding those employees a few years ago was easy to do. With the improved economy and the growing demand for high-quality jobs, though, it is harder to bring in the top-notch employees your company needs. With the help of the best company wellness program and other key benefits – not just those that you want to offer, but those employees want to have, you’ll be able to attract the right people to your company. What don’t you know? Check out these steps.

#1: Your employees want wellness services

Everyone needs health insurance and plans for when they get sick and need immediate medical care. However, that is not enough. You also need to provide your employees with the wellness programs they need. This includes providing everything from preventative screenings to immunizations in Houston. Are you providing the care that your employees really need from a health plan? Ensure that you provide the employee with access to the right type of coverage for their needs. Preventing illness is much easier than trying to overcome it.

#2: Get healthy at work, too

Work with your local health care provider to install a new wellness program within your company. You do not have to provide actual health care or screenings in the break room. Rather, you need to offer informational seminars, resources, and fun programs that help people to get healthy. This can be an incredible experience for anyone who is looking for a way to prevent high costs related to health care coverage. Some ideas include:

  • Offering massages
  • Sponsoring healthy meals
  • Creating a bike to work day
  • Offering an incentive for weight loss goals
  • Creating a fun challenge for eating more vegetables

Be creative with it! Make it fun to do.

#3: Let people work from home sometimes

It is not always possible to do this, but it is one of the best bets for some offices. Let’s say most of the work your employee does is done online in the cloud. If his or her child is sick and home for school, it can be an incredible bonus and benefit to be able to stay home to watch over the ill child while still being able to work. In some cases, high stress levels or a creativity breakdown can happen when people are in the same environment for a long time. Letting that person work from home creates the break they need and gets them back on track.

#4: Give them life insurance

Life insurance plans for most working employees are far less expensive than you realize. However, what they do provide is an incredible sense of freedom and peace of mind for the employee. The employee is able to work hand-in-hand with you to create an affordable, but well-organized life insurance plan that meets their needs. Should something happen, knowing their family is covered can be a key benefit that most employees do not turn down.

#5: Give them screenings

As a key part of the corporate health services your employees receive, give them wellness screenings. Ensure that the health care coverage you provide offers ample screenings – even at a higher cost. This can help individuals to get screenings for such things as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes early on, reducing their long-term health risks. Keep in mind that when you offer programs like this, you can extend outside of your health care plan. For example, you can work with a local clinic to ensure your employees get flu shots. In doing so, your employees are less likely to miss a day of work during the flu season and they stay healthy.

#6: Promote mental health as well

Don’t focus just on providing your employees with health services for the body. Think about their mental health as well.  Do your employees suffer from:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Other mental health concerns

If so, it is a good idea to provide them with services to get help. This may include help through counseling or stress relief at work. Encourage them to take a walk at lunch or to hang out with friends after work. Mental health can be just as important to productivity as ensuring an employee isn’t ill and on the job.

#7: Professional training

Did you know that many employees really want to be trained? Many want to grow and develop into the very best employees they can be. Think of your employees on a path. You give him or her the tools and she has the opportunity to work up the ladder to the career goals she desires. In fact, many high producers and top sales professionals will not work with companies – even if they offer a higher paycheck – if there is no room for growth within the company.

#8: Don’t make them prove they are sick

The doctor’s note is a thing of the past in many businesses. The fact is, you need to trust your employees and if they say they are sick, you don’t want them at work. They are likely using their sick days or not being paid for the time. Even if it makes your job harder, employees who are worth keeping around appreciate that you are not counting every minute they miss of work.

#9: Provide flexible schedules

Summer is coming. Will you let your employees come in an hour or so early so they can enjoy more time with the family during the longer daylight hours? Do you allow employees to take a day off during the week for a doctor’s appointment, family need, or ill child and allow them to make up the time on the weekend? Being flexible matters.

#10: Make them feel wanted

In many situations, this makes the best possible difference. Are you sure you said thank you and provided your employees with a smile today? If not, think about the impression you did offer.

Employee benefits include health, life insurance, and sick time, but they extend much further. Creating the right workforce can change the life of those who you are working with and it can directly impact your business as a direct result. Give them what they want and what you need.

Byline: Sandy B. is a published author who provides comprehensive information and support regarding health and wellness programs from a business standpoint.

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