Houston Vaccines Drug Testing Facilities are Dedicated to Providing Important Standards for Your Drug Test

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  • Full line of drug test options
  • Data collecting procedures are accurately performed
  • Accurate and legal drug testing
  • Workplace programs to fit specific needs

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Let Houston Vaccines Drug Testing Facilities Handle Your Drug Test Requirements

Because drug abuse can seriously compromise your workplace, trust our drug testing facilities to provide accurate results about your employees. Houston Vaccines Clinic is not only a travel clinic in Houston, but also offers a full line of drug testing services for pre-employment, random, post-accident, and probable cause scenarios. The law supports these types of drug tests and our professionals can provide required information that will allow you to make confident and informed decisions about prospective and current employees or liable situations. Our expert staff knows the importance of treating our clients with respect and dignity. In order to determine with complete accuracy if you have the right fit for your organization, we make sure that alcohol tests, laboratory testing and data collecting procedures are accurately performed for private businesses, health care facilities, criminal justice, government agencies, and drug rehabilitation facilities. If our drug testing facilities can help you establish a drug-free workplace, call us today to schedule an appointment.


Featured Article:

The Importance of Picking Proper Drug Testing Facilities

[Posted on Dec 14, 2012 by Yvette Cheeks]

Drug tests are no joke. If you are in any type of legal situation, a drug test is the difference between how your day in court proceeds and whether you succeed or fail. If you are getting tested for as part of a job application or a routine screening in your place of employment, a poorly done drug test or murky results can penalize you or even cost you your job. If you are in any kind of government service, the results of a misread drug test can be even more serious. You want your drug test to be done right, assuring you justice and a cleared name. When making a choice between drug testing facilities for your employment, post- accident, probable cause or random testing, Houston Vaccines is the most reliable and convenient facility around.

The professionals at Houston Vaccines are both caring and entirely skilled in what they do. Whether you are looking for a urine sample, saliva or hair follicle check, you are promised an accurate reading. Both those being tested and those requesting the drug testing are treated with courtesy and professionalism, along with efficiency and remarkable skill.

Of course, Houston Vaccines is not just the top name in drug testing facilities. The Stafford, Texas facility is a safe and painless place to acquire any and all immunizations you may seek. A Center for Disease Control Certified Yellow Fever Vaccination Clinic, Houston Vaccines is registered with the State Health Services Department, Vaccine for Children Provider, and HBBB (Houston Better Business Bureau) member.

It is about the services, not the credentials, though, and Houston Vaccines provides masterful services to reduce the risk of infectious disease spread in the area. Following International Health Regulations, Individual requirements and recommendations, itineraries, risk of disease in other countries, and personal health history, the technicians at Houston Vaccines can prescribe exactly what you need to keep you and those you love happy and healthy.

If you are unsure of your record of vaccinations, not to fear. Titer testing is available to judge your immunity and ensure you neither over nor under vaccinate. The check includes MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) by Antigen. Hepatitis B and Varicella testing is also available. TB skin tests are done daily (and are required for most schools and places of employment) as well as injections and domestic vaccines. Houston Vaccines’ services are available to adults and children as a private measure, as well as for corporate purposes. With Flu season rapidly approaching, company flu shots and family preventative medicine is advisable.

Houston Vaccines works with both GSK Patient Assistance and Merck Patient Assistance, a rarity among drug testing facilities. The clinic does not charge an office fee, so you pay for exactly what you get. Medical super bills are available for insurance reimbursement, and payment may be made with cash and major credit cards, and discounts are available for Medicaid and CHIP.

Whether you are shopping around for drug testing facilities for your business or immunizations and vaccines to keep you healthy, Houston Vaccines is reliable, affordable, and professional.

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