Corporate Health Services

Corporate Health Services
  • Accredited by The Houston Better Business Bureau
  • Registered with The Department of State Health Services
  • Private on-site flu clinics available
  • Cost effective pricing on immunizations

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Who Offers Corporate Health Services in Houston?

Corporate health services are available through Houston Vaccines. Our clinic provides a variety of health services ranging from vaccinations and immunization shots to drug testing that both corporations and large businesses find useful. We are also able to provide TB skin tests and blood draws needed for titer testing.

We provide businesses with access to vaccinations that will help prevent the spread of common colds/illnesses through the office/workplace or can be used to meet the necessary requirements for any domestic or international travel. Corporations and businesses looking for vaccines in Houston can arrange to have employees visit our clinic in Stafford, Texas or schedule an on-site visit where one of our qualified staff members can administer the vaccinations. Call us today to discuss how our vaccination, drug testing, blood draw, and TB skin testing services.

What Company Provides Affordable Corporate Health Services in Houston?

Houston Vaccines offers affordable pricing for all health services. All immunizations, drug testing, travel vaccinations, and blood draws are priced at an amount that is competitive to other healthcare services.

Our clinic does not charge an office visit fee for any services provided. Instead, individuals will only pay the listed price of the vaccination, drug testing, or blood draw that is administered.

Our clinic does not accept payment from insurance plans, but we can provide a Medical Superbill. This Medical Superbill can be used to receive reimbursement from an insurance company for any covered benefits.

Our vaccination clinic can work with corporations or large businesses to arrange for an on-site testing date. On-site testing is ideal for immunization shots, drug testing, or flu vaccinations for companies. Call or email us for more information on our pricing and to discuss scheduling an on-site corporate or business visit for immunizations and vaccinations.

Who Offers the Best Corporate Health Services in Houston?

The best health services for corporations and large businesses can be found at Houston Vaccines. Our clinic in Stafford, Texas has a number of certifications and accreditations from well-known institutions and businesses. We currently are listed as a CDC Certified Yellow Fever Vaccination Clinic and are registered with the Department of State Health Services, and have an accreditation from The Houston Better Business Bureau.

In addition to our certifications and accreditations, we also employ well-qualified and experienced staff members. All staff members who are employed at our clinic have the experience and knowledge to provide corporate health services, such as blood draws or immunization shots, in a pain free and safe manner.

We even provide corporations and large businesses with the opportunity to schedule on-site testing and immunization. This service allows corporations to properly vaccinate or test employees without interferring with production or workflow. Email or call our clinic today to learn more about our accreditations/certifications and to schedule an on-site visit for your business.