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Top 10 Benefits of Having Corporate Health Service

July 14, 2015 @ 1:23 am
posted by Yvette Cheeks

[Posted on July 14th, 2015 by Yvette Cheeks]

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If you are a business owner, you are always in the market for ways to improve your company for your customers and your staff. While the bottom line is important, without a healthy, dedicated staff on site, you cannot produce the work you need on a consistent basis. Depending on your industry and the size of your company, one of the benefits that you may be considering is corporate health services. Allowing your employees to take advantage of health check-ups on site can make your employees happy, keep them healthy and save you a lot of money in the long run. Let’s look at the top ten benefits of having health services in your office.

1. Happy Employees

Employees that are satisfied with their workplace and feel that they are being appreciated are more likely to be energetic and enthusiastic about their jobs. They will miss less days of work and put more effort in when they are there. Happy employees are more likely to speak positively about your company both on and off the job, and act as a referral system for community. Additionally, if employees feel good about their jobs, they will make fewer mistakes and care more about the end customer.

2. Employees Visit On-Site Health Service

When employees visit an on-site health service for routine health checks, they are away from work much less time than when they visit an off-site physician or clinic. Many routine health checks, such as blood pressure checks, blood draws and measurements can easily be done at your office with a knowledgeable health professional. Since your staff will not have to leave the building and travel to the health service, they will save hours of time that they can use on their work. When you multiply this by the number of employees that you have, you can see why you will save time and money. There will still be some health checks that need a specialist’s know-how, requiring a trip to their office. Nevertheless, your employees will love the convenience and time savings, and they won’t have to waste their time off going to the doctor.

3. Less Sick Days Used

With an on-site health service, your employees will be more apt to seek help for minor ailments, before they turn into something bigger. Colds, sprains, headaches and other ailments can be nipped in the bud, before the employee needs to take off more than an hour to take care of themselves. Contagious diseases such as the flu can be stopped before they spread to everyone around the affected person. A health professional can also recommend alternative health professionals when needed; offering their advice on what type of physician or clinic is needed for a particular problem. The company will save money in the long run, because they will not need to replace ill employees nor get behind on a production schedule.

4. Better Pricing for Service

With a health service providing flu shots and other vaccinations en mass to your staff, the price per each service will be reduced. They can negotiate for better pricing on medications and medical supplies for a large group just like any other vendor can. This avenue of negotiation is then turned over to your company, yourself and your staff. Medical costs have been skyrocketing over the years, so anything that you can do to bring them down will help everyone involved.

5. Easy Access to Vaccines

How many times do we say that we will get a flu shot and never get in to see the doctor for weeks or months? Or maybe we forget to call and make the appointment. If people are relatively healthy, it is easy to put aside the need for wellness checks and vaccines. However, the results of missing your routine visits can be catastrophic. With on-site vaccination, your staff can get the Meningitis vaccine in Houston right in your office. The convenience factor will override the easy dismissal of routine vaccinations.

6. Travel Vaccinations

If your staff needs to travel often, especially out of the country, then immunizations are often required before they leave. An on-site service can easily take care of these types of vaccines as long as they have notice ahead of time. No one likes to get the extra shots, but it is a far sight better than getting ill in a foreign country. Without even needing to leave the office, your staff can get the health care preparation they need for their travels.

7. On-Site Drug Testing

Drug testing is part of the hiring process these days. Much of the time can be cut from the interviewing process if the drug test is held in your company. Your human resources department will not have to rely on outside contractors or for the potential hire to get the testing themselves. When it is time to interview, you can have the drug testing service set up near the HR department for a quick turnaround.

8. Wellness Screenings

Being healthy is a lot more than not being sick. While vaccinations and blood tests can determine if you are not sick, wellness screenings can help your staff learn how to become healthier. Working with your health service provider, you can give your employees a list of wellness checks to let them know how they are doing, and where they need to improve their wellness. You can even set up a day in your office for all of your staff to come in for a wellness check with incentives for healthy behavior.

9. Competitive Pricing

Your health service can offer you competitive pricing for on-site and office visits and other services. You will not have to worry about paying a higher price to get the same service that you would in the doctor’s office. You can discuss pricing ahead of time for realistic negotiations on all of the health services. You can also get a breakdown of pricing for each test or service before you use it.

10. Lower Stress

Stress is a major contributor to illness and the workplace is often a stressful pressure cooker. With health services available to you and your staff on-site, you can leave the stress behind and go in for any need you have. One big thing you no longer need to worry about.