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Immigration Vaccines Made Easy!

October 24, 2016 @ 1:34 am
posted by ssdadmin

We offer package prices for those with no record but, remember getting vaccines as well as blood draw/titer options if you are pregnant or have other contraindications at this time.

What vaccines are required for U.S. immigration?

At this time,* vaccines or titers showing immunity for these diseases are currently required for U.S. immigration:

  • Mumps
  • Measles
  • Rubella (MMR price $80)
  • Polio $65
  • Tetanus and diphtheria
  • Pertussis (Tdap)$55
  • Haemophilus influenzaetype B (Hib)If age appropriate $45
  • Hepatitis A $85
  • Hepatitis B 80
  • Twinrix $170
  • Rotavirus If age appropriate ($95)
  • Meningococcal disease If age appropriate $125
  • Varicella $150
  • Pneumococcal disease If age appropriate $125
  • Seasonal influenza $32
  • Package A price for adults ages 22-64 (Includes all of the above except no Hib, No rotavirus, no pneumonoccal, and No Meningitis as they are not age appropriate) during flu season $300 non-flu season price $285
  • Package B price for ages 18-21: Package A+ Meningitis $400
  • Package C price for adults 65 and over: (Package A+ Pneumonoccal (Prevnar 13)-$ 400



International Immunizations Needed

@ 1:33 am
posted by ssdadmin

When planning a trip you can google and get many answers to what international immunizations and vaccines are needed as well as gone on evidence based sites like the CDC and WHO. But, our nurses will discuss your plans and keep you from taking unnecessary vaccines without charging you a consult fee. For example, The CDC may recommend Rabies for your trip but, are you going to be rural or in urban areas, what kind of visit (occupational or pleasure) and other questions will keep down your expenses and the number of injections.

We won’t just play on your fears and give you everything to make a quick buck. We are in it for the long haul and value our repuation as a trusted healthcare provider of international vaccines.


Up to Date Vaccines at this Houston Travel Immunization Clinic

October 14, 2016 @ 2:12 pm
posted by ssdadmin

Get Up To Date with Your Vaccines at this Houston Travel Immunization Clinic

One of the greatest public health achievements of the 20th century is immunization. The primary and the most important benefit of immunization through vaccinations is the prevention of many diseases. Immunization is the key to safe health, and the introduction of vaccines has brought down the rate of disease spectacularly. Some vaccines in clinical use are:

  • Live Attenuated Vaccine

These vaccines contain a form of the live microbe which has been weakened in the lab and so unable to cause disease. The vaccine is therefore, the closest to a natural infection and is a good support for the immune system. The vaccines are able to bring forth strong cellular and antibody responses and need only one or two doses for lifelong immunity. In Houston, drug testing facilities will help you with these vaccines which include the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) and varicella (chickenpox) vaccines.

  • Inactivated Vaccine

The inactivated vaccines are produced by killing the microbe, which is the cause of the disease, with heat, chemical or radiation. These vaccines are safe and more stable than live vaccines. These vaccines don’t require refrigeration and hence, can be transported in freeze-dried form, especially to developing countries. The flu vaccine is one such attenuated vaccine which will be available in all drug test locations in Houston.

  • Toxoid Vaccine

A toxoid vaccine is administered when the main cause of illness is bacterial toxin. These toxins are made inactive by the treatment of formalin. It is useful for conditions such as diphtheria and tetanus with help of a drug screening and immunization center in Houston.

  • Biosynthetic Vaccine

These vaccines are man-made and contain substances which are very like the pieces of bacteria or virus. Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type B) conjugate vaccine is one such vaccine available in all Houston immunization clinics.

  • Travel Vaccine

Travelers to other countries should get themselves immunized for safe travel. Many of these immunizations need to be taken a month prior to traveling. If you are from Houston, travel vaccinations are available at reliable Immunization Clinic centers in Houston.

The Immunization Clinic Southwest has been working in the field of public health and immunization for many years in and around Houston. In Houston, Travel vaccines for anyone planning to go abroad, are also available at our clinic.


Accuracy should be Paramount for all Houston Drug Testing Facilities

September 13, 2016 @ 10:48 pm
posted by ssdadmin

Houston Drug Testing Facilities Should Strive for 100% Accuracy

Drug testing facilities has become quite significant here in Houston. Be it a pre-employment drug screening or drug testing for a safety hazard, Houston drug testing facilities are proving their worth with timely and accurate services. Unlike other medical testing procedures, accuracy is the prime concern when it comes to determining various drug levels inside a person’s blood. Today, we will try to explore the significance of Houston drug screening provided by various Houston drug testing facilities.

  • Role of accuracy in alcohol testing-
    Alcohol testing forms a major part of drug testing programs across multiple Houston drug test locations for various job responsibilities like law enforcement. These tests are done to get correct insight about the level of alcohol in a person’s body. In small to large organizations, these tests are carried out through a corporate drug testing facility that measures levels of various drugs in the employee’s body.

Multiple testing facilities are available to measure alcohol levels. Organizations aiming to achieve 100% productivity often take help from the periodic drug testing programs offered through a reputed Houston immunization Clinic such as The Immunization Clinic Southwest.

  • Accurate record of other miscellaneous drugs –
    Other than alcohol, several other minor to major drugs are also noticed in the body of professionals. These are measured through a detailed testing procedure where exact value of the drug is determined under drug and alcohol program audits. Medical review officer services are also provided by selected Houston travel Immunization Clinic across the length and breadth of Houston and its neighboring boroughs.

Having a close eye on the health of your employees pays a lot when it comes to organizational
productivity and overall performance. When professionals are periodically monitored for drugs with help of a trustworthy Houston immunization Clinic such as The Immunization Clinic Southwest, it aids in productivity enhancement and prevents loss of hours.


Get Immunized At A Houston Immunization Clinic

August 13, 2016 @ 10:35 pm
posted by ssdadmin

Get Immunized At A Houston Immunization Clinic

Seasonal changes and epidemics take a toll on the normal life when prolonged periods of illness and the post recovery efforts take away your precious assets – time and money. To avoid such situations, various Houston Immunization Clinics offer personalized immunization programs.

  • About Houston Based Immunization Clinics –
    Immunizations in Houston
    are mainly focused on combating adverse effects of seasonal allergies and contagious infections. Whether your child is going out for the summers holidays or you are all set to enjoy your much awaited family vacation abroad, all travel tips recommend going through Houston travel vaccinations. This will protect you from infectious diseases and will let you keep a healthy and normal life.

Leading Houston Immunization Clinics offer seasonal vaccinations as well as the recommended set of child vaccinations. Whether you have a child requiring immunization under the program or a teenager requiring common immunization, you can come to your nearest Houston travel immunization clinic. These clinics offer complete sets of vaccines under hygienic conditions. Some clinics require prior appointment but many of these are ready to offer vaccination without requiring a prior appointment.

  • Who bears the cost?
    Generally your vaccinations come under your medical insurance plan, but it might not be the case for every insurance bought. So, before initiating an appointment for vaccination, get in touch with your medial insurance provider and confirm the costs involved. If you are going for vaccinations with cash payment, there are separate charges for every single vaccination, about which the Houston immunization clinic will inform you.
  • What Are The Benefits?
    Houston Travel Immunizations
    are a win -win situation for everyone. The major benefits of getting immunized include –
  1. You will be less prone to getting affected by the disease. If it happens, the symptoms will be lessened and could be easily overcome.
  2. Vaccinations will improve your immunity and you will be less likely to become infected from people in your surrounding area carrying the infection.
  3. The cost of getting a vaccination is lower than that of complete medical care during and after catching a disease.

Prepare for Your Trip with the Right Travel Immunizations

June 30, 2016 @ 10:24 pm
posted by ssdadmin

Preparing to leave Houston with the Right Travel Immunizations

With an increase in global air travel, the possibilities of getting infected with infectious diseases abroad have also increased. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), travelers and tourists transmit and spread diseases, which was observed in the case of polio, Influenza or Hep B, as well as in the spreading of meningococcal strains by travelers who were returning from Saudi Arabia.

In Houston, travel immunizations helps prevent chronic illnesses and stay healthy when traveling.

Categorization of Travel Vaccines

Travel vaccines are categorized into three types:

  • Routine Vaccines

Most national health programs include routine vaccines as part of basic standard immunizations which are given as children but require booster shots for effective immunity. Some of the routine vaccines include measles, mumps, polio, hepatitis B, influenza and diphtheria to name a few.

  • Recommended Vaccines

These travel immunizations are vital for travelers who are planning their trips to countries with high exposure risks on contracting specific diseases. Some of the recommended vaccines include Hepatitis A, cholera, typhoid fever and rabies while travelling to Asia and South America. Trips to certain Asian countries require protection against Japanese encephalitis while going to Russia and the Baltic states will need vaccines for tick-bone encephalitis.

  • Required Vaccines

There are only three required vaccines – meningococcal, yellow fever and polio. In Houston, travel vaccinations will depend on the countries that you are intending to visit. For instance, if you are planning a trip to the African continent or Central and South America, you will need to get vaccinated against yellow fever.

For travelers, vaccinations constitute the most important groundwork for ensuring a healthy and secure travel abroad. Even though the risks of contracting diseases may be small, visit a Houston based travel immunization clinic to arm yourself against the probability of getting caught by one of the infectious diseases.

The key to traveling and at the same time, keeping safe is knowing and educating yourself about drug screening at Houston and the various immunization clinics available here. At The Immunization Clinic Southwest, we bring to you various health care services including travel vaccines, health screening, and drug test at our Houston locations.


Get Your Travel Vaccinations and Travel Safe

June 13, 2016 @ 10:07 pm
posted by ssdadmin

Get Your Travel Vaccinations before Leaving Houston and Travel Safe

The rise in tourism worldwide during recent years has seen a massive increase in the number of people taking trips to destinations, both exotic and otherwise. This leaves the travelers vulnerable to diseases which are less likely to occur at home and against which they might not have been immunized.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises international travelers to ensure that they are updated on all routine and travel vaccines. As more and more international traveling is gaining popularity, some destinations, especially developing countries and visits to rural areas, carry health risks which depend on many things including:

  • The place where you are traveling
  • The activities that you will be engaging in during your travels
  • Your present health status and
  • Your vaccination history

Planning in Advance for Travel Vaccinations

It is necessary to plan ahead of your traveling schedule. Travel vaccines may not be readily available with all the primary health care centers and immunization clinics near your residence in Houston. So

  • Take an appointment in Houston for your travel vaccinations at least 4 -6 weeks prior to your traveling.
  • When talking to the health care professional about your travel immunizations in Houston, ensure that you are also up-to-date on your routine vaccines.
  • Also check with any Houston travel immunization clinic if your destination country needs you to produce proof of yellow fever vaccine.

Travel Safe

In most cases the protection level guaranteed by vaccination is extremely high and getting yourself vaccinated reduces the risks of acquiring diseases like malaria, dengue, yellow fever, Hep A/B, or Ebola. But the best way to stay safe when you are traveling is to follow healthy traveling tips, and take care especially with what you eat and drink.

Have the advantages of visiting a time tested clinic such as the The Immunization Clinic Southwest for your required travel vaccines. Also, as a reliable drug testing location in Houston, this immunization clinic offers comprehensive testing for drugs or narcotics. Its state of the art drug screening facility in Houston offers accurate, timely, and wide range of drug screening services.


Houston Companies Need to Choose the Right Houston Drug Screening Company

The use of illicit drug use and abuse can pose harm to many aspects of the society, especially in the workplace. It not only lowers the revenue and productivity of a business, but it can also place employees at risk. In fact, depending upon the line of work, drug abuse can result in fatal consequences not only on health but on work area as well. Fortunately, these days, employers have the facility to test for drug use in Houston Drug Test Locations. Executing Drug Screening in Houston helps you to then implement strategies to pursue drug-free workplaces.

Factors to Look for in a Drug Screening Company

It can be daunting to evaluate and select Houston Drug Testing Facilities. However, there are some characteristics that need consideration. These include:

  • In-house MRO

It is important for the provider to possess physician qualified in-house Medical Review Officers (MROs). This would enable them to provide extra expertise around the drug testing process. Additionally, they can also perform critical tasks like assisting with quality control and assurance.

  • Drug Testing Expertise

Conducting drug screening test involves a lot more than just the test. It requires a deep experience to be capable to assist the employer to achieve the goals related to drug testing.

  • Industry Experience

Experience in the industry, specifically if the company is subject to regulatory requirements, is essential Drug Screening in Houston. Many industries, like transportation, have complex and evolving alcohol and drug testing regulations that make it challenging to maintain a compliant program.

  • Advanced Technologies

The Houston Drug Testing Facilities should offer the latest testing technologies, like:

  1. Electronic Documentation
  2. Integration with other background screening solutions
  3. Easier Collection methods
  4. Longer windows between drug use and detection
  • Customization Solutions

Look for a company that offers customized solutions. It is not necessary for one company to fit all programs. Customized solutions provide a wide variety of testing options. Depending upon the goals of the drug testing program, it is important for the employers to evaluate the wide variety of drug screening options to meet the requirements to the best level.

If you are looking to hire and maintain a drug free workplace in Houston, it is prudent to contact The Immunization Clinic Southwest for effective drug screening programs.


This Vaccine Clinic can Keep You Healthy While Traveling

April 20, 2016 @ 6:35 pm
posted by ssdadmin

Travel Well, Stay Healthy with Vaccines

Our trip out of US with family or friends involves a lot of planning- getting the necessary clothes, having documentation done, and keeping the cameras loaded. However have you planned to stay healthy? Yes, we are talking about the planned vaccines that you need to be administered, in order to ensure that conditions prevalent in the destination countries don’t have an adverse effect on your health.

What you should do when planning a trip abroad?

3-4 weeks prior to the trip departure, you need to check with a reputed vaccine clinic here in Houston, such as The Immunization Clinic Southwest. These clinics will help ascertain your health needs based on past history and destination to which you will be going. With this knowledge you can get vaccines tailored specifically to your needs.

Some of the more common vaccine shots you can look forward to include –

  1. Malaria Prophylaxis
  2. Travelers sleep apnea or diarrhea
  3. Titer Testing
  4. TB testing
  5. Encephalitis (for Japan)
  6. Yellow Fever
  7. Anthrax
  8. Typhoid
  9. Rabies

Other than this, you also need to be on the lookout for common vaccinations such as

  • Chickenpox or Varicella
  • Hepatitis A/B
  • MMR (Measles-Mumps-Rubella)
  • Flu shots
  • Meningococcal
  • Pneumococcal
  • Polio shots
  • Tetanus shots

Of course, your trusted doctor and vaccination clinic will help you figure out which ones of these are mandatory and which ones can be left out. Here in Stafford TX or Sugar Land TX, you can approach trustworthy clinics such as The Immunization Clinic Southwest for complete planning and scheduling of your travel vaccine shots to get all-round protection from commonly prevalent yet easily avoidable illnesses or chronic conditions. Get in touch with us today and we will help you travel well and stay safe during your vacation break out of the USA.


Not all Houston Drug Test Locations are Created Equal

March 13, 2016 @ 6:16 pm
posted by ssdadmin

Industries involving heavy machinery, aviation, transportation and most federal agencies here in US demand that job applicants undergo a mandatory drug screening process and come clean before they can be hired. In addition many sports need players to first undergo drug screening so that no performance enhancing substances are found in their system. However where you get the drug testing done from in Houston also matters.

Choosing the perfect fit drug testing clinic here in Sugar Land TX such as The Immunization Clinic Southwest help you with advantages at multiple levels – 24 x 7 availability, precision based analysis, speedier report delivery, and online interface. If your drug test location here in Houston doesn’t provide these basic customer servicing capabilities, then it time to hunt for a new facility – pronto.

When looking for drug test locations here in Houston, check out for these key reasons –

  1. Offers comprehensive services – blood, hair, urine testing
  2. Tests for the widest and latest range of banned and illegal substances
  3. Has a robust clinical set up with in-house testing facilities using modern equipment
  4. Provides affordable drug testing with tie up with major insurance companies
  5. Has experienced staff that know their job
  6. Provides swift, confidential, and accurate reporting using industry endorsed processes
  7. Facilitates patient convenience with online services and mailing of reports
  8. Has the trust of federal agencies and health practitioners with a dedicated collaboration
  9. Has 24 x 7 facility for taking samples
  10.  Has certifications from leading health authorities in US – HHS or SAMHSA
  11. Allows patient convenience by booking appointments at short notice

A drug testing facility that provides these services here in Houston TX should be your first preference and turn out to be the correct choice. Know about these facilities at The Immunization Clinic Southwest and make the right selection for your drug testing requirement.