Protect Yourself from Disease by Visiting an Immunization Clinic

[Posted on 14 Jan 2013 by Yvette Cheeks]

A modern immunization clinic allows patrons to easily protect themselves, loved ones and even strangers from a wide variety of contagious diseases. Vaccines directly protect those who receive them, and this protection ensures that vaccinated people will not spread diseases to others. This twofold benefit makes them extremely useful tools in the never-ending fight against disease.

The first working vaccine was developed way back in 1796, when an immunization against smallpox was invented. Over several years, vaccination programs were able to build on this discovery and eventually eliminate what was once a widespread and deadly disease. Since then, the immunization clinic has become an important bulwark against many other diseases.
Immunizations aren’t only for highly dangerous diseases, but most targeted diseases do have the potential to cause death or significant disability to those who catch them. One modern disease that is of the highly dangerous variety is meningitis. This condition causes an infection and inflammation of the membrane surrounding the brain – the meninges. Since the brain is right next to the meninges, it is very easy for the disease to cause death or serious brain damage.

The dangerous nature of meningitis has made it a big target of vaccination efforts. One example is the ease with which you can obtain a meningitis vaccine in Houston. Since many germs can cause meningitis, a full preventative program can require multiple vaccines. Neisseria meningitidis, also known as meningococcus, is one of the big culprits. Therefore, a singular meningitis vaccine is likely to target this bug.

Other germs that can cause meningitis include the one responsible for the mumps, certain pneumonia germs and even a form of influenza. Fortunately, all of these can be vaccinated against. Getting all of the vaccines will not only provide good protection against meningitis, but also the underlying diseases.

An immunization clinic will be able to provide a full course of vaccinations, not only to limit meningitis risk, but to prevent infection by other germs as well. Chickenpox, measles, pneumonia, hepatitis A and B, influenza and tetanus are all diseases that are commonly vaccinated against. Some of these diseases were once common childhood ailments, while others are more of a threat to the elderly. Despite the once-common nature of ailments like measles, they are surprisingly deadly. It is estimated that the measles vaccine, for example, prevents over a million deaths every year.

If you’re going to travel out of the country, you may need vaccines against diseases that are rare or nonexistent at home. Your travel agent can tell you which ones are required or recommended.

Obtaining vaccinations is quite easy for most people. They are available at doctor’s offices and walk-in clinics even in rural areas. In cities like Houston, dedicated vaccination clinics exist. Houston Vaccines is one such center. There, you can get immunized with a short, no-waiting appointment. They can also provide vaccines and education to entire travel groups. This makes it easy for such groups to get their immunization requirements taken care of all at once.