Are You Up to Date with Your Immunizations?

November 14, 2016 @ 2:22 pm
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Check to See if You are Up to Date with Your Immunizations

The very thought of Immunizations or  vaccines makes you envision teary-eyed kids at the doctor’s office or flu clinic with a cartoon bandage on the arm after receiving a shot. However, there are numerous reasons that make it important even for adults to get immunized or vaccinated at a Houston Travel Immunization Clinic. Vaccination is equally important for adults as it is for kids.

Stay Immunized

It is highly important to keep a track of your vaccines to keep  infections and major diseases at bay.   Some of the most important reasons to protect you through timely vaccinations are:

  • You might not have been vaccinated fully as a child

It is not necessary for everyone to have been vaccinated fully as a child. There are chances that you were not vaccinated for things like mumps, measles, and chickenpox or rubella. Therefore, you might need them as an adult. Moreover, some adults might have born at a time when vaccinations weren’t much popular.

  • You might need them when traveling

Traveling makes you prone to infections and illnesses. There are certain vaccinations, referred as Houston Travel Vaccinations or Houston Travel Immunizations, which are necessary if you are traveling to another country. You can check for these at the Houston Travel Immunization Clinic.

  • Set an example for your kids

Most children do not like getting shots. If you stay aware and get vaccinated regularly, you are setting an example for your kids to be aware about their health.

  • Some vaccines are meant only for adults

Some vaccinations are meant only for adults. For example, the shingles vaccine for shingles disease is recommended for adults over 60 years. Shingles is caused by reactivation of the chickenpox virus with symptoms like severe skin rash and pain.

If you are a resident in Houston and want to stay updated with your vaccinations, you can schedule a visit at The Immunization Clinic Southwest. The skilled, courteous, and experienced doctors at the Houston Immunization Clinic will guide you about the latest vaccinations and the ones you should get. You can also ask about our durg screening services at our  Houston Drug Testing Facilities like drug screening Houston at our various licensed Houston drug test locations.

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