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November 10, 2016 @ 7:10 pm
posted by ssdadmin

So, in pricing shopping this week a student went to another clinic. They drew all the wrong titers, testing for the disease instead of immunity to the disease. Then, they not only would not refund her for the titer but, they wanted her to pay to get the correct ones done and asked her for the test code. You need an experienced vaccine nurse to save you time and money. We know which titer test is the right one and if an error like this were to occur we would do the correct one at no charge. How can you bill the patient for your mistake? Uncaring on time of incompetent! Get it done right the first time. Come to us here at The Immunization Clinic. No waiting or hassle. Just call or email for an appt. 281-313-7468 or houstonvaccines@gmail.com

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